HVAC Maintenance in West Sacramento and the Greater Sacramento area

HVAC Maintenance in West Sacramento and the Greater Sacramento area

Much the same as your vehicle, your air conditioning system requires an annual maintenance program to ensure its continual performance season after season. At Rey's Air Solution Inc. we will be happy to provide exactly that. Our annual preventative maintenance agreement will include a minimum of two bi-annual visits in which we will perform a thorough checkup of your HVAC system and report any deficiencies we may find.

Your total comfort and 100% satisfaction are always our foremost priority. You can be rest assured that our technicians and staff will always provide our undivided attention with prompt, courteous and a professionalism that is unsurpassed to others within the heating and cooling industry.

You may be asking yourself why a maintenance plan is so important. Below we have provided a few reasons your maintenance plan with our experts at Rey's Air Solutions, Inc. is so necessary.

Eight Reasons for Having a Tune-up Service Agreement:

  • Priority scheduling.
  • You will pay normal rates even for emergency service.
  • Your equipment will run smoother and quieter.
  • Your service plan will prolong the life of your equipment.
  • You may reduce your energy bills.
  • A service plan is required by most manufacturers to maintain parts warranty.
  • Your service plan will provide peace of mind by assuring your system operates safely and efficiently.
  • Your service plan is good documentation that you maintain your equipment if you sell your home.

At Rey's Air Solutions, Inc. we use a comprehensive plan when we service your system annually. We clean, inspect, lubricate and adjust your heating and/or cooling system. We check heat exchangers, burners, thermostats, blowers, amp draws, wire connectors, safety devices, refrigerant and oil all your motors.

Save your money. Maximize your equipment life. Reduce energy bills up to 25%.

With your service plan, you can reduce expensive repair costs up to 50%. Increase the safety of your equipment as well as get priority for emergency service. Properly maintaining your equipment and upgrading your system when necessary will ensure a happier, healthier and more comfortable living environment.

Did you know that over 50% of all major repairs are caused by lack of maintenance? Save yourself from unnecessary hassle and expense, Call Rey's Air Solutions, Inc. to schedule your maintenance checkup today.