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Don't Lose Your Cool Over AC Issues

Depend on us for air conditioning installation or repairs in West Sacramento and the Greater Sacramento area

There's no better feeling than walking into a cool, dry home after a hot, humid day outside. But when you run into air conditioning problems, who will you call on? Leave your air conditioning problems to Rey's Air Solution Inc. We provide air conditioning installation and repair services in West Sacramento and the Greater Sacramento area.

We'll help you pick out an efficient air conditioning unit, as well as provide AC repair services whenever you need it. Our team can install and repair:


  • Mini-splits
  • Heat pumps
  • Gas and electric units
  • Central units
  • Package systems




Contact us to set up an air conditioning installation or repair service today.



3 signs you need AC repair

If you come home during the summer to a house that's uncomfortably hot, that's an obvious sign you need a repair. However, not all indications your AC needs a repair will be that obvious. Reach out to us for AC repair if you notice:

  1. A spike in your energy bills.
  2. Your AC producing strange noises or smells.
  3. Your airflow is low or uneven throughout the house.

Call 916-616-1456 right away if you notice any of these signs. We'll perform a diagnostic test for only $49 and repair your AC quickly.